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Matthew Hurst



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The Law Office of Apryl Haden is thrilled to welcome its first associate attorney, who brings with him significant experience and capabilities that will help expand the firm’s valuable  services and make them available  to more clients.


Matt was born and raised on Long Island, NY. He attended Stony Brook University, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degrees in American History and Political Science. Matt later graduated from Wake Forest University School of Law in North Carolina.


Matt focuses his practice primarily on estate planning. He helps clients of both high net worth and modest means ensure that their estates are structured in the most efficient way possible, while weighing each client’s unique familial and life circumstances.


Matt also handles business law matters including: Establishing LLC’s and corporations, drafting and reviewing contracts, and structuring the sale of businesses.


In his free time, Matt likes to travel, go to the movies, and hang out at the beach. Fun facts: Favorite TV show – The Sopranos; Favorite Movie – Mulholland Drive; Favorite Food – Chilean Sea Bass; Favorite drink – ice cold Coca Cola


Please reach out to Matt by email or phone and he will be happy to connect with you!


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